Hapinest Candle Making Kit for Kids and Adults


Our Hapinest Candle Making Kit is a great activity for kids and adults who love arts and crafts projects.

Our all-in-one kit has all the supplies you need to create 3 homemade scented candles. It is great for beginners because it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. It also includes 3 tin pots, sticker sets to decorate, 4 gift tags, wicks and wick dots, 3 color dyes, 3 fragrance bottles, a melting cup, and non-toxic wax.

Candle-making is a fun project to create happy bonding moments with your kids. This is a great project that will spark creativity in your children when they mix colors and fragrances with melted wax. Fill your weekend with fragrant and adorable tin candles for the whole family to enjoy.

While making your candles, be sure to assist your children all the way. This activity requires the use of heat to melt the wax so make sure that both you and your kids are safe.

Younger kids can help with choosing the colors and scents to customize each candle. They can also assist you with designing the tin containers with stickers.

Your candles can add to your room's aesthetic design. You can arrange them on tabletops, shelves, bedroom, or in your bathroom. Sit back and relax as a soothing fragrance fills the air. 

Thinking of giving your candles as a gift? Don't worry about the packaging because colorful gift tags are already included in this craft set. You can easily gift your finished products to your friends and loved ones once the wax sets. Start your creative journey with Hapinest Candle Making Kit.