Hapinest Thanksgiving Sticker Craft


Sticker Set Includes: 36 sticker pages with 4 Thanksgiving Turkey designs.  There are nine pages of stickers for each turkey style. Each 13.4 × 9.4-inch sticker sheet features four different turkey designs to help you customize your own turkey with accessories like scarves, feathers, hats, feet, eyes and beaks. Included is an easy-to-follow 3 step instruction insert, that helps boys and girls, and families get creative and build their own turkey. 

Creative and Hands-On: The Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker Craft is enjoyable for boys and girls of all ages and encourages creativity and imagination as children design their own unique Thanksgiving turkey’s. Invite your friends over this winter for an after-school get-together or gather the family around the table to make this a shared craft that everyone can participate in.

Educational: What could be better than watching your child create their own sticker Thanksgiving Turkey while also fostering their creativity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, self-confidence, and social skills? This and more are what the Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker craft brings to children of all ages.

Re-Usable: Boys and girls can reuse the 36 pages of Easy-to-Peel stickers to make various turkeys with family and friends. Each Thanksgiving-themed sticker page offers a variety of feathers, hats and eyes that create their own expressions and accessories so that kids can create their personalized Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving Craft/Game: The Snowman Sticker Craft is a wonderful gift for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Fall school party, or décor that is needed for your family coming over for the holidays.  This will also make for a fun activity to do with your class for the upcoming holiday parties.  Boys and Girls and even adults will have so much fun creating their own Thanksgiving Turkey.