Alphabet Bingo


Game Includes: 1 cloth bag, 26 letter tokens, 72 plastic chips and 6 double sided game board cards.  The Alphabet Bingo game is great for children 4 years of age to 8 years of age.

Educational: Children learn letter identification skills, create associations between letters and objects, and sharpen their attentiveness. This game is an effective educational tool for enjoyable learning.

Innovative Play: There are variations included! Try Letter Sound Bingo, Cooperative Bingo, or Picture Bingo to put a new spin on conventional bingo and find the letter that corresponds to the image.

Who Can Play? Bingo is fun for everyone! For players ages 4 through 8, two to six players can play at a time. includes 6 double sided game board cards, 26 letter tokens (one for each letter of the alphabet), and 72 plastic chips.

Make it a gift: The Hapinest Alphabet Bingo Game makes for a wonderful birthday gift for a child 4 years of age and older.  You can never go wrong with an early Christmas gift with a fun and education game of Alphabet Bingo.