Wooden Alphabet and Number Tracing Board


Set Includes: 1 Tracing Board that is 9’’ x 6.625’’ with a wooden tracing pencil.  Tracing board includes upper- and lower-class letters along with numbers one through nine for children 3 to 6 years of age.  

The Montessori Method:  The Montessori educational approach acknowledges that a child's learning capacity is at its highest when they are given tactile, multisensory instruments. As a result, through visual and memory training, our Hapinest Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board aids in your child’s development of writing abilities and mastery of letter construction. The subtly curved grooves that have been carved offer a great way to exercise hand-eye coordination.

Double-Sided Tracing Board: The Hapinest Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board is double-sided with lower case alphabet letters and numbers on one side, and upper-case alphabet letters on the other.  Kids ages 3-6 can use their fingers, or the attached pencil to practice forming the shapes of letters guided by directional arrows.

Safe and Durable: The wooden letters tracing board is constructed from wood that is naturally durable and sourced sustainably. Children can practice writing on a smooth surface, and toddlers can learn the alphabet.

Make it a Gift: The tracing letters board is an excellent teaching tool for parent-child interaction when traveling because of its small size and low weight. And an excellent option for kindergarten preparation as well as birthday and Christmas gifts. Toys for preschoolers will be adored by your child.