Decorate Your Own Window Bird Feeder Kit


  • Our window bird feeder kit includes 38 stickers, 3 strong suction cups, bird feeder, bird seed tray, 6 ounces of bird seed, perching ledge, and instruction sheet.
  • Spark your child's curiosity for nature and bird watching with an up close view right at your window. No binoculars required.
  • Both boys and girls will enjoy personalizing their very own window bird feeder with our colorful selection of nature inspired stickers.
  • The bird seed tray can be easily removed for cleaning and replenishing bird seed. Tray and feeder are equipped with tiny drain holes to prevent from water logged seed.
  • A great year round activity for ages 6 years and up. Kids will have fun learning about their local bird species and seeing all the different birds they can attract right to their very own window.