Find and Seek Treasure Hunt Family Board Game


  • GAME INCLUDES: 1 loot bag, 9 gems, 9 coins, 1 dry erase marker, 1 treasure box, 1 two-sided game board, 60 picture cards, 30 clue cards, 10 create your own cards, 20 fill in the blank cards.
  • OBJECT OF THE GAME: Follow the trail of clues that leads to the royal treasure chest. Parents or an older child must be involved to set up the quest.
  • PLAY INSIDE OR OUTSIDE: Choose an indoor or outdoor journey to set up your trail. Don't let the children see as you leave your clues that will guide them to the treasure chest.
  • HAVE AN ADVENTURE: We've included two guided stories to spark your child's imagination as they set out for their quest. Recommended for kids ages 3 years and up with adult supervision.
  • GROUP ACTIVITY: Perfect for birthday parties and playdates. Both boys and girls will love playing this treasure-filled active game with their friends and siblings. Helps develop critical thinking, observation, and teamwork skills.