Make Your Own Unicorn Soap


KIT INCLUDES: 1 working soap tray, 8 glycerin soap base bars, 4 soap molds, 2 fragrances (green apple & lemon), 4 color dyes, 6 popsicle stir sticks, 1 measuring cup, 1 plastic cutting tool, glitter, and easy-to-follow instructions. MAKES 8 UNICORN THEMED SOAPS: Our unicorn soap making kit includes enough materials to make 8 unicorn shaped bars of soap. Choose from the 4 different molds provided to create a unicorn, shooting star, rainbow or gem. GET CREATIVE: Kids can have fun layering the soap with the different color dyes included in the kit or they can mix the dyes to create new colors. Enhance your soap with the scents and glitter provided if you so choose. EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: Our comprehensive guide includes step-by-step instructions as well as tips and tricks to create the most adorable unicorn-themed shaped soap. Children should enlist the help of a parent when handling the melted soap base as it will be very hot. EDUCATIONAL GIFT: Makes a great gift for both girls and boys ages 6 years old and up. Perfect for group activities, birthdays, Christmas, or as an individual project that incorporates both science and the arts to create something special that kids will love.