Soft Zoo Playmat with 9 Plush Animal Toys


Set Includes: 1 Zoo Play Mat 19 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches, 1 plush lion, 1 plush tiger, 1 plush elephant, 1 plush zebra, 1 plush monkey, 1 plush panda, 1 plush polar bear, 1 plush alligator and 1 plush kangaroo.  All plush toys are 2 inches by 2 ¾ inches.  Playmat folds in half with soft grip handle for easy travel and storage.

Features: All the plush toys make fun sounds as they rattle, squeak, and crackle, helping to strengthen your little boy’s auditory and visual learning. The Carry Playmat is hand washable, easy to fold, travel, and take anywhere for your convenience.

Educational Toy: Little boys and girls ages one and up will touch, push, listen, squeeze, and play with the zoo animal playmat's 9 soft toys, all while developing their sensory and fine motor skills. With the colorful circled numbers and dots under each plush toy, they will also begin to learn their numbers.

Independent Play: The Soft Zoo Animal Play Mat and 9 toys gives you and the child some alone time and offers the child the opportunity to learn how to play independently. This toy can also aid in the development of patience, emotional control, and overall self-reliance.

Make it a Gift: As your baby boy or girl turns one, the Soft Zoo Animal Playmat and toy set makes a terrific first birthday gift for your child, who is learning and developing. A great gift to give your grandson or granddaughter on their first birthday also.