Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit Gift


  • KIT FOR A MAGICAL MOMENT: Set includes tooth fairy pillow, keepsake photo wallet, and tooth certificate booklet. Get ready to give your child the total fairy tale experience.
  • TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW: Measures 8 x 9 inches, this plush pillow made of soft felt features embroidered detailing and a hidden pocket on the back to keep the baby tooth and Tooth Fairy coin secure for the surprise.
  • TOOTH CERTIFICATE BOOKLET: Record and capture this milestone together with your kid. Write down the age, date, and a short note of how they lost the tooth using the commemorative booklet. Give a letter to the tooth fairy and place it on the pillow with their lost tooth.
  • PHOTO WALLET: Measures 4.25 x 3.5 inches. Add a picture of your child to the photo window and use it to store lost baby teeth and notes kept in the certificate booklet.
  • MEMORABLE KEEPSAKE: Thinking about the perfect gift for a fairy-lover? Give her a lasting magical ever-after experience with our Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit. Keep special childhood tooth losing experiences in one place.