Boredom Busters
Feb 22

Boredom Busters

          Winter is in full swing, and with spring just around the corner we are all starting to get a little antsy. The kids and (us too) are getting cabin fever. Tired of hearing “I’m BBOOORRREEEDDD” or the TV or tablet blaring in the background? Sometimes winter is more to deal with than just cold dreary days, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created a (short) list of our favorite boredom busters for kids, put your creative genes to work and reconnect with your kids on these cold inside play only days.

Boredom Buster #1 Make Homemade Rock Candy

There is nothing better than a science experiment you can eat. Here are the steps!

You will need:

2 Cups Water

4 Cups of Sugar                                                          



Food Coloring

Lemon Juice

Glass Jar

Step 1: Tie the string around the center of the pencil, leaving a longer portion dangling, this will be where your Rock Candy Forms. String should be long enough to almost reach the bottom of the jar.

Step 2: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Then add half a cup of the sugar.

Step 3: Once mixture starts to boil, add the rest of the sugar, half a cup at a time. Once sugar has dissolved take pan off heat.

Step 4: Add a couple drops of food coloring to water and sugar mixture and a squeeze of lemon for flavor. Then pour into the jar.

Step 5: let string dangle into the mixture do not let it settle on sides or at the bottom.

Step 6: Find a safe place to leave the jar (No not Refrigerate) After a day or so you will start to see crystals forming, after several days it will be finished.

Step 7: remove from jar, let dry and enjoy!

Boredom Buster #2: Create Your Own Obstacle Course.


One of the best cold day activities is a homemade obstacle course! Get Creative! Here are the Stations;

Toy Toss: Put a laundry Basket at one end of the room, gram an armful of cuddly toys and pillows, and try to throw them in the basket. Must get three out of five before moving on to the next obstacle.

Funny Jumps: At this stop each player does a sequence of jumps in the air. Do a Jumping Jack, a Frog Jump, and a Bunny Hop.

Hula Paloola: Place a Hula Hoop on the ground, jump in and out of it ten times keeping your feet together. (For a challenge try hopping on one foot)

Tunnel Time: Make a Tunnel using a big sheet or quilt and some chairs. Climb through the tunnel and then back again before racing to the next stage.

Tightrope Walk: Place a Scarf in a straight line along the floor and pretend you’re a circus performer! Walk across the scarf without stepping over the edges, hold your arms out to the side to help you balance.

Hats The Way To Do It: Get a pile of hats, scarves, and gloves. Each player must put them all on, strike a pose, then take them all off again. Player with the fastest time wins!


Boredom Buster #3: Make a Paper Mache Bowl.

You will Need:

 -A bowl for a mold.

- Plastic Wrap

- News Papers cut into Strips.

- Craft Glue mixed with water

- scissors

- Paint and a paint brush.

- Clear Varnish


Step 1: Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will stop the paper-mache from sticking to the bowl once it has dried.

Step 2: Start by brushing the newspaper strips with watered-down craft glue and over lapping them on the outside of the bowl.

Step 3: Once you’ve covered the bowl in newspaper, leave it to dry for a couple hours before adding another layer. Make sure the strips aren’t too wet or they wont dry flat.

Step 4: After you’ve built up a few layers of paper, allow them to dry out completely before the paper-mache from the mold. Trim the edges with scissors.

Step 5: Now its time to decorate your creation! You can use paint, glitter or even add a few more layers of colored paper for a cool collage effect.

Step 6: Finish your bowls with a coat of clear varnish, then a coat of normal craft glue will also give it a shiny finish!


Make each activity your own and let us know which one was your favorite.


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