Fun Craft Friday - Mother's Day Edition

Mother's Day is this Sunday and I wanted to make a fun little craft that the kids could do. This little "I love you Because.." flowers are simple and easy for all ages.  I really liked this craft because it really made me think of what I loved about my mom. There are a lot of petals and so it was nice to come up with a lot to show how much love I have.

A lot of the craft supplies that I used were stuff I had around the house. 

Supplies Used: 

  • Construction Paper 
  • Glue 
  • Tape 
  • Markers
  • Glitter Foam (optional) 
  • Scissors 
The first step that I decided to do was use the glitter foam to be the center of the flower to give it a razzle dazzle! You can definitely use the same construction paper if you want it to match. If you do the glitter, just be aware that it is a little hard to write on them and you might have to go over them a few times with the marker. 
Tip: It is really hard to get a perfect circle sometimes! So what I like to do is find something in the house that has a circle base and use that to trace. Sometimes it can be hard to find something in the size you want but it helps if you do find something to trace! 
Then to your best ability draw the petals the size and shape that you want. This can be hard to get them all the same size, but no flower pleats are the same size! Being different is cool. So make them funky if you want.
Then take your piece of glitter foam and put glue on the back. then just stick it on there! 
Simply add in the middle of the flower "I love you Because..." or " Happy Mother's Day Mom" You can really add whatever you would like to but this is what I went for! 
Add what you love about your mom! It's that simple. Take some time and really think about all the things you do love and admire about your mom. I like to write down on another piece of paper of all of the things and pick the ones I like the best. Or you could make two and put them all on! 
Here is an example of the ones that I made. I added some stems with the same construction paper. You could not add that but it adds a little more to it! 
Let me know what you thought about this craft! We love to see what you guys come up with. Let me know what you love about your mom the best. What a special day to spend with your loved ones. Enjoy that time with them. 
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