Fun Craft Friday - Clothespin Airplanes

Welcome to the first of many Fun Craft Fridays over here at Hapinest! Every Friday will will show you how to make simple crafts that anyone can do. This week, we will be making adorable clothespin Airplanes! Keep on reading to find out what material you need or watch a video we created just for you. 

Here at Hapinest headquarters, we have a ton of kids that come over and test out all of our wonderful toys! While we were making this craft, a little boy was so excited to see what we had to do! We gave him a finished one and he was flying around the whole office, playing pretend. It was about the cutest thing we have ever seen! We love this craft.

How to Make Clothespin: 

  • 1 clothespin 
  • 2 standard size colored popsicle sticks 
  • 2 mini colored popsicle sticks 
  • Paint 
  • colored marker (optional) 
  • Glue  
  • Button

We got our supplies all at Wal-Mart - Both the regular size sticks and mini ones. We decided the best type of glue is a hot glue gun. 

Carefully take apart the clothespin so that you can paint them any color you want and feel inspired to do. 

Once the paint has dried, you can put the pins back together 

Now with your hot glue gun, glue regular size popsicle stick to the top and the bottom of the clothespin to represent the wings of the plane. The take one of the mini ones and glue them to the other side of the clothespin to represent the plane's tail.

Hint: Try not to glue on the hinge part of the clothespin because it wont open if you do 


Now we need a front propeller. We wanted to make sure that these are still useable, so we made sure to glue the mini popsicle stick at a bit of an angle on the top portion of the clothespin. See picture for reference: 

Now know it is time to add the cutest part! Glue on a little button to the front propeller you just glues on! 

Now that you have all the major steps down with your clothespin, you can add a little razzle dazzle! Markers or paint pens can be used to add some details to the wings or anywhere you would like. The possibilities are endless. 


Look how cute they came out! We cannot wait to see what yours looks like. You can send us a message any where on social media!